Wednesday, May 4, 2016

God's Promise

Planting season started in early April and we pushed hard to get acres planted. We were successful in planting about half of our corn acres. The ground was getting dry and we were praying for rain. We had a little rain shower which gave us a 2 day break to rest from planting. We were back at it again and then in the last 8 days we have gotten 5 inches of rain.
One thing I have learned from living on the farm is to watch the weather. Growing up living in Florida it rained a lot but I never checked the forecast or radar to see how long it would last. When it rained; it rained. I've learned to be a pretty good predictor of weather. Ten years ago 5 inches of rain wouldn't have meant anything; now that means muddy fields.
We are now playing the waiting game; waiting on the sun to shine. Looking at the forecast there is still a bunch of rain in the next 2 weeks. Rain is great for the corn in the ground but not the corn still in the bag.
As I was in the yard playing with the boys this evening I saw a sign that reminded me of God's promise that he will never flood the earth again. This is a comforting promise and knowing we will get in the field again to plant. 

We have been able to watch the wheat planted around the house put on it's grain head.
Another thing I have learned from my 8th spring on the farm is that each planting season is different. It keeps life interesting. Farmers are at the mercy of the weather which is a risky game to play.
And for 3 of those springs I have had a baby. So we are planning birthday parties right now around this planting season. 

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