Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

The corn is getting tall around our house.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

C3 has arrived!

May; what a busy month?
We had 2 big boy birthdays and one new baby's birthday all while planting corn between rain showers. Our planting season has been delayed so our hopes of being finished planting before baby's arrival did not happen.
These are some very excited big brothers!
First let's rewind our month:
We had a family joint birthday party for C1 and C2 early in the month to not interfere with C3 arrival.  
Little C1's 5th birthday his choice: Mexican

 Little C2's 3rd birthday his choice: Texas Roadhouse
 Corn planting lots and lots of corn planting in the month of May.
 Playing in a creek where Daddy was planting. Boys being boys.
 Preparing for the baby.
 Welcoming home Little C3!

Spending time with Daddy after brothers have gone to bed.
Little C3 is adjusting well to our family. We still have soybeans to be planted and wheat to be harvested. Corn planting was completed after his arrival. We are still in the busy time on the farm so we are hoping he continues to be an easy go with the flow baby.