Friday, June 10, 2016

Reflections on turning 3-0!'s just a number.
It's a new decade. The 20's are gone. 
To be honest it feels old.
 Thirty seems "grown-up" even though for the last almost 8 years I've been married and been doing plenty of "grown-up" things. Maybe it's because I remember when my Dad turned 30 and I have a son who is the same age as I was when he hit this age.
 As I reflect over the last 29 years I made a list of things I've done or experienced:
June 10, 1986 born in Versailles, KY (so not to be born a Hoosier)
3 years living in Indiana
2 brothers
2 parents
16 years in Florida
10 houses/moves; most large distance moves within Florida
6 years at  "real" schools
7 years homeschooled
?? children babysat
3 years with Girl Scouts
several years of piano
1 year of soccer
several years of gymnastics
1 year attending community college
3 years attending Bryan College in Dayton, TN
2 summers working in Seaside
3 cars
7 dogs (in 30 years)
4 cats (in 30 years)
? fish
2 countries visited (Belize and Mexico)
8 years (almost) married to a farmer
6 years as a mom
3 boys
unknown amounts of clothes and dishes washed
umpteen diapers changed
29 good years...ready to start year 30
As I think about the 20's ending it was full decade: college, engaged, 3 college dorms, 2 summers at the beach, graduated college, married, 2 houses, and 3 boys.
I hope the 30's are great but not as life changing.
30 is just a number and I've done a lot in these 29 years. I've been pretty blessed. It's exciting to see what the next 30 years will be; with 3 little boys it will be anything but boring.
At the end of the day it's just a number.
I'm still a mom so off to dishes, laundry, and cleaning up after boys. We are still in the middle of planting season so I'll do some farming today too.
I'm hoping for a dinner out with my boys this evening though.