Friday, September 26, 2014

Yes, I'm a stay at home mom

When I get asked if I'm a stay at home mom I answer with a yes. Inside I'm really thinking I'm not a typical stay at home mom where my husband works 9-5 M-F and I'm "free" to watch the kids and clean house. I'm a farmer's wife and mom with many hats.
 I'll give you a glimpse into my day.
It started at 5am when I was trying to get my husband out of bed. Then he remembered he needed a list to take to the hog barn that I had not printed. So I stumble to the office to print out this list. Side note: I keep the records for each of our sows (the momma pigs) which takes a few hours a week normally when the boys are asleep. Then back to bed to get Big C up for the day. I go back to sleep til the boys get up or so I thought. Not long after Big C leaves I get a text he needs another list taken to the barn first thing this morning. Then I get a call a little before 8 that he forgot the lists that I printed at 5am. By this time Little C1 is up so I have him run them out to his Daddy since I was still in my night gown. Little C2 decides to sleep in so I go ahead and make biscuits and eggs as requested by Little C1. Another call from Big C saying I needed to intercept the UPS man and get a draw bar to replace the one that broke on a tractor earlier this week and needed to be there at 9:15 and it was 8:30. Most of the time I don't really know what the piece is that I'm picking up; no exception this time. I just know this broke and it's pretty important cause the tractor can't pull anything without it. This particular tractor had a grain cart hooked to it needed for harvest. Thankfully, I was dressed and somewhat ready for the day but no make-up. Little C2 woke, we ate a quick breakfast, dressed the boys and were out the door at 9:00 and there at 9:13. Time to spare. I got the piece and headed to the farm where the tractor was. And I thought I would get to go home at this point.
I should have learned by now that once I'm out of the house it's really hard to get back home.
Big C says you can wait here or ride out in the field while I slip this back together it will only take 15 minutes. I said Little C2 and I will stay here; Little C1 went with him. Another side note: I've learned things take longer than estimated. They went to slip it on at 9:55 and didn't make it back til 11:00.
Little C2 and I had a fun time taking pictures and playing with corn.

It was a really nice day.
Once they returned to us we shuttled Big C around to get trucks and tractors that were left in various parts of the farm. We were on a part that was really steep I wish I had a picture to show how steep it was just imagine almost straight up and down. We don't have mountains but this came pretty close. I made it up and down them and the boys just thought it was fun. My mother-in-law called to let me know she would have enough supper if we wanted to eat in the field tonight; I said that would be great because I could tell I wasn't making it home for awhile. After shuttling around the farm we headed to get semi truck that needed some new tires. Before we left I went to the barn to drop off another list for the workers at the hog barn. So we picked Big C up from tire place which was 15 or so minutes away. On our way back we called in lunch from a really cute nice country diner. We arrived there at 1 for a late lunch but the boys have become flexible. We enjoyed our lunch in the car as we returned Big C to the farm and we headed to the tractor dealership to get a hitch pin for the new draw bar. The dealership was a 30 minute drive away by way of a gas station. I was running very low from all this back and forth. Once we got the hitch pin we took it to the tractor and then made it home by 3. Naps are at 2 fortunately the boys didn't fall asleep in the car.
The boys napped from 3:30-5:30. When they woke it was about time to head back to the field for supper. I was contributing some apple cake and ice cream to the dinner. We stopped by the Dollar Store to get ice cream and headed to the field. It was a pretty successful day in the field with 75+ acres of corn harvested and we have a good problem of running out of space to store the corn. We enjoyed meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and lima beans followed by my cake for supper with all the men working in the field.

Picnic in the field
We were home by 8 and after baths, brushing teeth and reading books the boys are finally asleep at 9:30 (late nap=struggle to go to bed.)
I've learned when living on a farm to not have very concrete plans during planting and harvest time. My plans for today were to get some more preschool work in; we were on a good roll this week. Also do some straightening of the garage and outside areas to enjoy this good weather before it turns cold. There's always laundry and a kitchen to clean but that can just wait for another day or when the boys are asleep tonight. Also a big milestone for Little C2 is working on potty training this week and he's doing great.
Rereading through all this makes me tired but all in all it's worth it. We got to spend time as a family. The boys were able too see their daddy, grandparents, and even their great grandfather throughout the day. I wouldn't trade it; now to all that housework that didn't get done today while waiting on Big C to come home from the field.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

While corn is being harvested the soybeans are growing.
Look close for a little critter.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Determined to do slip-n-slide.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Fall has arrived

Fall has arrived in a big way this week. We have switched quickly to jeans and sweatshirts from shorts and flip flops last week. I do hope it's just a cold front and we can get one more water day with the boys. The Florida part of me is sad for the summer to leave.
On Thursday I was able to represent farm women as I volunteered with Commonground ( at a trade show for women in Bowling Green, KY. I was able to share facts about GMO's and other hot topics surrounding farming. Commonground's slogan is conversations about farming and food and we were connecting with women who usually make most of the food choices for their family. I was able to tell them we grow genetically modified corn and soybeans on our farm and feed them to our children. The ladies responded great and wanted to talk about where their food comes from; family farms. We reiterated we care about the land it's our livelihood. The main message is we are real people and care about doing our job well.
Friday I was home on the farm taking meals to the field while the crew was harvesting our GMO corn. This was our first full day of the season. I thought I would explain how the corn is taken from the field. Eight years ago I wouldn't have been able to tell you any of this. I'm going to assume most of you are like I was back then.
 This green machine is called the combine that is harvesting the corn. Little C1 is riding with his Granddaddy. This machine is pretty neat it takes the whole corn stalk in the machine but only keeps the corn kernels and spits the stalk out the back. The first time I rode in combine it felt like a ride at Disney World.
When the tank on the combine is full the grain cart is driven along side to unload and they can even do it with both tractor and combine moving. Once the grain cart is full then it unloads the corn into a semi trailer waiting at the edge of the field.
Having the grain cart keeps things moving along otherwise the combine would have to drive over to the semi to unload. The grain cart speeds us up a lot. Once the truck is full it's driven back to the farm to unload one last time into the grain bins for storage. The corn will later be ground up to feed the pigs for the year.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Helping Daddy shell corn to check moisture to see if it's ready to harvest.

Friday, September 5, 2014

What is busy?

We say we are busy but what really is busy. I'm beginning to think it's just the life we make for ourselves. Even if I stayed home all day I would still be busy. I have 2 very active boys who are always busy. This summer has seemed to have flown by. I find myself sometimes wishing for the busyness of field work because then we are home and not running here, there and everywhere. We do enjoy taking trips and seeing new places but it's nice to be home too. Farm work is always busy though. August flew by. We kicked the month off with AGstravaganza and then headed to the beach in Florida for a vacation. It was nice to get away and have family time.
We checked a few things off Little C1's list of request: a zoo trip and a train ride. The zoo we visited was the one I visited at about my boys ages. We also attended the church I grew up in. It was nice to see some old friends. Some things never change like driving through Destin and seeing the HOT NOW sign at Krispy Kreme. The boys discovered the goodness in the church parking lot. During church Little C2 kept saying in a whisper (thank goodness) "more donuts."

Feeding the giraffe was a highlight of the zoo even when I was little.

Once we were well relaxed from the beach we welcomed in friends from college for the 4th annual Labor Day Hog Roast weekend. We enjoy hosting this event each year and catching up on the past year as well as meeting new little ones.

So our life is busy but I don't think we could create a slow pace. Now we are waiting and prepping equipment for harvest time.