Thursday, August 20, 2015

Summer 2015

Summer 2015...where did it go?
I know this is a question many ask each year but seriously where did the summer go?
As I get older the years do go faster and faster. I'm going to recap our summer since I didn't do very good updating as the summer happened.
At the end of May I had a baby. Baby boy number 3...that pretty much sums up the whole summer. With a new baby comes lack of sleep and adjustment to caring for another person. I do have to say C3 has joined in nicely. He's been a pretty easy baby.
He was born in the middle of planting season and right before wheat harvest.
Maternity leave...not sure what that is. Two weeks was about all I got and honestly I was feeling pretty good two weeks after having a baby.
 This is June 5th, 2 weeks exactly after giving birth I delivered supper to the field while Big C was planting soybeans. Little C3 just slept in the car.
Picking the big boys up from riding with Daddy.
The big boys spent the morning riding with Daddy as I ran some errands with the baby in tow. Big C was "side dressing corn" in other words he was putting nitrogen in the ground to help fertilize the corn.
Feeding the wheat harvest crew
Wheat harvest started in June and I delivered several meals to hungry men in the field. They normally get homecooked meals but this summer they had to get a few fast food meals. Here are 7 sweet teas to go to the field. They are happy to see our "meals on wheels" come to the field.
July 4th was spent at home instead of in Florida. C1 didn't think July 4th could happen at home; he's always been at the beach for the holiday. Wheat harvest and soybean planting were not finished in time for us to make the trip to Florida. We watched fireworks from all across the country from our front porch.
Wheat harvest
 We have had a full and memorable summer with our new addition.
I have learned the last few years that life is just busy. On the farm life keeps going. We may have added a new addition but life went on. We have transitioned well to our growing family. I may have seen some hours I had not seen since college. I'm getting more sleep these days, hence this blog post. I'm not making any promises of how often I'm going to post because we are living our life. I hope you enjoyed seeing our busy summer on the farm.
Our summer ended with a relaxing much needed trip to Florida.