Thursday, November 12, 2015

More than harvest

Fall is more than harvest time on the farm.
 Growing up in Florida the leaves didn't change colors or fall for that matter. It's green year round.
I'm still adjusting to the season changes after being here my 8th fall in Kentucky.
I've learned to enjoy the changes of the year.
Summer is still my favorite season; which I try to hold on to as long as possible. I think the cold will still take my breath away and may be about the only thing I complain about. You won't hear me complain about the heat even when it's 100 degrees.
I've learned to be more attentive to the weather for the sake of the crops. Rain is good when they need to grow but not good when they are just planted. When just planted they could wash out of the ground. Cold is good to kill weeds but not good when crops could freeze.
I've learned you can have the best crops, best equipment, best help, and best planning but are still at the mercy of the weather and ultimately God.
I've learned to relive childhood through my boys eyes as the can enjoy the season changes of Kentucky (and the beach in the summer in Florida). They get the best of both worlds.
 C3 enjoyed the sunshine in the front yard; gloomy days are ahead.
The big boys raked leaves to play in.

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